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Operation Emu: The Great Escape

Nothing can contain these little emus.

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"Twice I was greeted down the hallway by the chicks. They scampered with their little legs toward me when I left them secured in the safety of the laundry room. They were escaping! But how? I decided to find out. I moved a box into the kitchen and hid behind it quietly so that the chicks couldn't see me. Quietly I watched and waited. Soon enough the older chick made her move and it wasn't long before both chicks came tumbling out from between the dog gate bars. It was sadly adorable! A stuffed towel between the bars stopped them from a fourth attempt and soon the chicks will be durable enough to begin their big move to the great outdoors."

About emus...

Emus (pronounced ee-mews) are the second largest member of the ratite group of flightless birds. They are the national bird of Australia. Emus are native to Australia and were originally imported to the United States as breeding stock for American zoos. It is believed that the emu is a survivor of prehistoric times and dates back some 80 million years roaming the outback of Australia. The Aborigine tribes relied upon the emu for their existence. The emu provided them with food, clothing, shelter, and spiritual sustenance. They are believed to be closely related to dinosaurs and if you lift up an emu's wing you'll find a hook like claw under it, a remnant from their past.

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