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    Naughty Wolf Runs Off With A Lantern During Night Time Photoshoot

    A handsome young wolf comes across a lantern and knows he has to have it. No matter what it is or why. It's his. Until... the unthinkable happens and he loses everything that he ever wanted for the past five minutes. Not exactly what we were trying to film, but you know what they say about working with kids and animals...

    Excuse me, but I need this lantern for official wolf-business...

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    In all seriousness, Lorne really likes that lantern. I don't know what he finds so interesting about it, but there isn't much he chooses to bicker with me over and apparently this light is one of those things.

    I thought this video would also serve as a reminder that wolves and high content wolfdogs are difficult to work with and potentially dangerous. The behavior he is displaying by temporarily refusing to respond to my command to release the lantern is called resource guarding.

    - Does Lorne sound and look a little scary to you in this video? -

    Remember that I am working with him one-handed with the other holding a large video camera. But he still responded to my command only after about a minute of protest.

    HOWEVER- I have also put considerable effort into working with him and though it may appear that this situation was easily defused, without proper handling, this incident could have resulted in serious injury or death. And not his.

    So remember, if you think he looked even a little bit on the scary side there... think about how an improperly raised wolf might have responded if you tried to take his new favorite thing away from him. One handed in the dark, with no motivation to give it back to you, other than choosing to yield to previously established respect.

    Without his decision to submit to my request, there isn't a chance that the lantern could have been retrieved. Wolves are incredibly strong, with a bite force that exerts pounds of pressure nearly unmatched by any other animal.

    Even their teeth are larger when compared to any domesticated dog, which allows them to grip and tear more effectively. Wolves bring down Elk, so it's not hard to guess why they evolved these incredible effective tools. They are also obsessive and once they focus on something- it is difficult to redirect them.

    View this video on YouTube
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