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9 Facts You Need To Know About The New Ritterman Building

Middlesex University has officially opened its newest building to students. But what's so special about the £18 million construction? Here are 9 essential facts you need to know about the Ritterman building:

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1. #EcoFriendly

The Ritterman building is #EcoFriendly. The building was even awarded an 'excellent' by the world's leading sustainability assessment method for master planning projects and buildings.

Middlesex is among 36 institutions to achieve an award from the People & Planet Green League for environmental performance.

2. Energy Efficient Lighting & Controls / Via

The Ritterman building will incorporate the latest in LED lamp technology. In order to save energy, lighting needs to be physically activated and lights are not used when the natural light levels are adequate.

3. It's pretty big

The building opens up 3,300 square meters of additional teaching space - spread over five floors and provides specialist, innovative teaching rooms for the Schools of Science and Technology, Art and Design and Media and Performing Arts.

4. It has a rollercoaster simulation / Via

Yeah, that's right - there's a rollercoaster simulator in the basement of the building!

5. It has a living wall

Featuring Barnet's largest green wall, the area will cover 110 square metres with a total of 3,500 plants installed.

Up to 80% of rainwater will be absorbed by the living wall, which will attract a variety of wildlife species to the area.

6. It's named after the University's Chancellor

The building's name comes from the University's Chancellor, Dame Janet Ritterman, a distinguished academic and musician with a global reputation for championing the arts.

7. It has solar panel electricity / Via

There are 100 square meters of solar panels on the roof that will generate electricity for the building. Solar panel electricity systems work by capturing the sun's energy using photovoltaic cells.

8. Improved air quality / Via

The building features natural ventilation, which uses the force and buoyancy of wind to help move air through the building, rather than using energy intensive fans to push air around.

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