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10 top tips to get fit from Middlesex University experts

Dr Rhonda Cohen, Sport & Exercise Psychologist and Dr Anne Elliott, Health Fitness Specialist at Middlesex University’s London Sport Institute give their top ten tips to get back in shape after the festive period.

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1. Positive power

Convince yourself that you want this with your positive thoughts and you'll get the added benefit of even better ones! Research shows that exercise can be just as effective as anti-depressants as you get a boost from the release of endorphins.

So go out there and want to do it. You'll feel even better the more you get stuck in.

3. Go for the goals / Via

Try a smart approach: specific, measurable, active, record it, and time oriented. So don’t just go for losing weight but decide to lose 1 pound a week. Have long and short term goals. Decide on your rewards for hitting each point.

10. Have fun! / Via

If it’s not fun then you may not want to stick to it. Find an activity that you can explore. Try a sport that you’ve always intended to try, take up dancing or why not explore fencing!

If this article has inspired you to study sport and exercise, check out some of the courses available at Middlesex University

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