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Star Vs The Forces Of Evil Is Slay

Here are the proofs

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3. Season Two Wand

And yeah, this version of wand is after the Season One Finale where it got destroyed by the villain. This one has more mysteries since its "Cleaved" as Glossaryck said

5. Patrick Stump Guests as Ruberiot

This Fall Out Boy hottie gueted as Star's songstrel for her Song Day which is pretty epic cause.... oh c'mon! Just watch the episode "Face the Music'

6. Toffee

This other villain is not like Ludo. He's a man thatlost everything and seeking for revenge [or so what i think] for the Butterfly Family. He is currently possessing Ludo BTW!!!!

7. Marco Diaz

Star's partner in crime who is now currently a 30 year old trapped in a 14 year old body after the episode "Running with Scissors" where he abused the dimensional scissors and was given an ultimatum by Hekapoo so he can earn them back. He spent 16 years to earn then and it turns out he was gone for like 8 minutes in Earth's dimension. Crazy Right?

9. The Butterfly Family History

Season two is more focused on the history of this royal family. Its pretty creepy that Star have a great grandmother who is the Wueen of Darkness

10. [LASTLY] Eclipsa Butterfly

This one is a bad gurl and im not saying this just because im out of time [yeah i am] but this is all i can say for now. Goodbye! Hope you'll enjoy watching this show.

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