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    33 Magical Treats For Every "Harry Potter" Fan

    "Swish and flick" said the credit card...

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed and Microsoft may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A key ring that's near impossible to catch. Besides being super fast, it plays a mean game of hide and seek.

    2. Ankle socks known for being troublemakers. They're just constantly up to no good! I swear!

    3. A coloring book full of magical people, places, and things. Hogwarts! Hedwig! Honeydukes! Joy!

    4. An action figure known for imparting amazing wisdom, such as "happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light."

    5. A lightning bolt necklace that screams "WHY YES, I AM THE BOY WHO LIVED. AND I'M PROUD."

    6. A 2018 wall calendar featuring all sorts of magical creatures including Fluffy, the lovable three-headed good boy.

    7. A magical cookbook that'll have you sipping on gin and [pumpkin] juice in no time.

    8. Spectrespecs designed to let you see wrackspurts. Easy peasy! What a fantastic tool!

    9. An alligator clip and safety pin Hogwarts bow you could put in your hair or fasten to a purse. It's multi-functional, folks!

    10. An enamel pin perfect for any bibliophile. Dare I say, this is great for the Hermione Granger of your friend group.

    11. A color-changing umbrella that reveals the Marauder's Map when it comes in contact with liquid. It's magic!

    12. A t-shirt made from 100% cotton that you'll want to wear...always.

    13. Playing cards featuring gorgeous HP-inspired illustrations: the Sorting Hat, Night Bus, and Scabbers, for example.

    14. A butterbeer-inspired soy candle that'll make your entire abode smell like a Saturday morning outing to Hogsmeade.

    15. Hogwarts bookmarks to remember your alma mater every time you open up to a saved page.

    16. A snowy owl plush known for being super helpful. It'll even fetch your mail for you!

    17. Magical notebooks because Mead is for muggles, okay? To hell with all that marbled composition.

    18. Bertie Bott’s beans available in a wide array of delicious flavors. Sausage and rotten egg, for example.

    19. A movie poster that's pretty annoying, actually. It's constantly asking "why so sirius?" So weird.

    20. A wand pen and bookmark set for the Slytherin in your life. Or for yourself. (Don't hurt me.)

    21. Or a pen and bookmark set that comes with a free subscription to The Quibbler. While supplies last, anyway.

    22. An insult handbook you'll whip out every time Voldemort decides to passive-aggressively call you the "boy who lived."

    23. An ultra-soft scarf to keep you nice and toasty while watching the Inter-House Quidditch Cup.

    24. A joke and riddle book full of HP references and fantastic puns. It's suitable for ages 9+!

    25. A magical wand imported directly from Olivanders. This one is made with a Phoenix feather core.

    26. A Dobby and Voldemort keychain to add a touch of cuteness to your life. Because YES, cartoonish Voldemort is cute.

    27. A feather pen you'll want to try levitating. Just remember that it's leviOsa, not leviosAAA.

    28. A faux leather wallet with compartments to hold all the essentials: your Hogwarts student ID, Sickles, Galleons, etc.

    29. Iron-on patches to represent your house with pride, dammit! #GryffindorForeva

    30. A personalized Hogwarts acceptance letter that'll be hand-delivered by Hagrid himself.**

    31. Headphones so you can listen to live updates on Quidditch matches! No matter where you are!

    32. A chocolate frog mold for when you're too busy for a Honeydukes run. Hey, it happens.

    33. House gloves that are definitely bewitched: they're touchscreen-compatible. Now that is magic.

    Me when my savings account says I can't buy every single thing on this list:

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