15 School Excuses You’ll Never Be Able To Use Again

As technology gets better, so does our BS meter. But even if it’s harder to make up excuses, it’s also easier to actually just get stuff done – especially group projects. With Office and SkyDrive you can work with teammates online, keeping all of your formatting in sync… and your group members honest.

1. "I didn't see your message."

…facebook begs to differ.

2. "I can't make the group meeting. I'm soooooo sick."

simone_gillett / Via instagram.com

…and then your BFF tags the two of you on a beach.

3. "I didn't bring cash."

porschiagrace / Via instagram.com

…now you’re going to pay for your fair share of this meal whether you want to or not.

4. "I deleted that embarrassing photo. Don't worry!"

sheely_x / Via instagram.com

…the internet never forgets.

5. "Books are heavy"

mike_kv / Via instagram.com

…solved. But you can probably still feel the weight of a thousand pages.

6. "I wasn't near my phone/computer"

sardynaaa / Via instagram.com

…but were you near a person?

7. "I got lost."

Most phones have maps. But it’s okay! Just own up to the fact that you were distracted by classic corgi videos. It happens to everyone.

8. "I'm so hungover from all those super-cool parties."

barrio2barrio / Via instagram.com

…sometimes you just can’t be your true, nerdy self without someone finding out.

9. "I'm bad at spelling."

Granted, we can no longer spell without a computer. C’est la vie.

10. "I forgot your birthday."

Nope. No longer possible. The internet helps us remember all the things.

11. "I forgot to invite you."

kellydeleon / Via instagram.com

Also something that’s now basically impossible.

12. "LOL sorry! My alarm didn't go off."

kelly_langan / Via instagram.com

…but we would have accepted “setting for PM instead of AM.”

13. "No one will fund my film/project/album."

jessykain / Via instagram.com

…if no one will, then just get everyone.

14. "My body is stuck to this couch."

joanamarie / Via instagram.com

If you can make a device that opens doors for delivery people, you won’t starve.

15. "I forgot to attach my updated version."

“Forgetting” to attach your updated version of the paper is so not an issue anymore. Office and SkyDrive let you work on 1 version of your document with your whole group, simultaneously online. A group project needs to get done sooner or later, so maybe it’s a good thing we can’t make this excuse anymore. College students: Get 3 months of Office 365 free and an extra 20GB of SkyDrive storage.

Get your free 7GB of storage and access to Word, PowerPoint, and Excel Web Apps on www.skydrive.com.

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