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10 College Fails That Every Student Can Relate To

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1. When your computer crashes after hours and hours of painstaking work and you realize you never saved the essay you were slaving over.


Oh well good thing you're getting your BFA in Crying In The Fetal Position.

2. When you pull an all-nighter right before finals but end up trapped in a YouTube loop until 6AM the next morning.


The good news: you're now a certified expert on Gangnam Style acoustic covers and possible Illuminati imagery in Nicki Minaj music videos. The bad news: the whole, uh, finals thing we were just talking about.

3. When you send the wrong document to your professor and don't realize it until it's way too late.


We're not saying that your prof doesn't appreciate your House of Cards fan-fiction, but...

4. When all those dollar slices of 'za turn the Freshman Fifteen into the, uh, Freshman Forty.


Hath not a college student a super tight budget? If you prick them, do they not bleed Arizona Iced Tea? If they hunger, do they not have the entire McDonalds Dollar Menu memorized by heart?

5. When you buy the wrong $150 textbook so you just have to wing it.


Big shout out to the 2013 graduating class of Wikipedia University, home of the Fightin' Citations Needed.

6. When you do your own laundry for the first time and suddenly your entire wardrobe is pink for the rest of the semester.


Now nothing matches your sweatpants and Uggs! How awful.

7. When you show up to the wrong class on your first day and only realize it halfway through the 4-hour lecture.


And your options are either A) go full ninja and try to sneak out as stealthily as humanly possible, or B) avoid all eye contact and pray to the Almighty College Deities that the professor doesn't call on you.

8. When you trash-talk your roommate on Facebook. And then realize that you're friends with your roommate on Facebook.


The Internet: making everything in your life as awkward as possible since 1995.

9. When you eat so much packaged ramen that you literally forget what real food tastes like.


"So that's what it feels like to have your entire circulatory system replaced by a series of cheap noodles." - every college student as some point

10. When you forget to close all those embarrassing windows before hooking up your laptop for your Big Presentation.


Aaaaand now your entire Creative Writing 201 class knows which embarrassing subreddits you browse. Very smooth.

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