12 Things That We’re Always Losing

Everything has its own pair of legs. If you save your files on SkyDrive, at least you’ll always know where they are and how to get to them. So you could lose everything—including your computer—and you still wouldn’t lose your files.

1. Pen caps last about twenty seconds before going on their own little adventure:

reaviseitel / Via instagram.com

2. Keys don’t like spending all of their time in pockets. They find the worst possible places to get lost:

jasonsweeten / Via instagram.com

3. Without wires, game controllers spend a lot more time chillin’ in refrigerators:

instagram.com / Via http://rockthetc90

4. Seriously. If you lost a remote, just look near something cold:

_718s__nancy / Via instagram.com

5. Subway and bus cards are as valuable as they are lose-able:

shashinshi / Via instagram.com

6. Maybe you didn’t lose your headphones, but they definitely aren’t with you:

calemaguire / Via instagram.com

7. The higher the chance of rain, the higher the chance that your umbrella is suddenly missing:

iwalktowork / Via instagram.com

8. “Is this the password with the capital letters or the symbols? Screw it. I’m resetting again.”

lifelock / Via instagram.com

9. In the quest to beat an addictive puzzle game, money simply goes poof:

truckiethebarber / Via instagram.com

10. Five hours after promising to just watch one episode of trashy TV:

instagram.com / Via http://starryeyedeas

11. Cats don’t like it when you don’t have a good picture of them:

restaminute / Via instagram.com

12. The ONE file you need to finish a project (it’s on some other computer, of course):

tchaibr0vsky / Via instagram.com

The next time you have a paper or team project, keep all your files in one place on SkyDrive and avoid this problem!

And for all of those situations in which you’re on a camping trip and your laptop gets speared with a bow and then dragged into an enormous campfire, you’ll want to make sure a copy of your files is saved to SkyDrive. College students: Get 3 months of Office 365 free and an extra 20GB of SkyDrive storage.

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