22 Breathtaking Signs Of Spring Around The World

Do you get a little snap-happy when the snow starts to melt? Then savor the first signs of spring right in your inbox with Outlook.com. It lets you share hundreds of photos and videos in a single email without having to worry about file size limits. And when you get an email with photos, Outlook.com turns them into a beautiful slideshow right away. Get going! You can start with a daydream or two about frolicking in these pristine fields spanning the globe.

1. Ingjallshol, Iceland

Rex / Jon Gibbs

2. Ridgeway, Colorado

Rex / OJO Images

3. San Quirico - Tuscany, Italy

Rex / OJO Images

4. Poland

Rex / Henryk T. Kaiser

5. Halle, Belgium

Rex / RESO

6. Skagit Valley, Washington

Rex / Kevin McNeal

7. Welford Park - Welford, Britain

Rex / David Hartley

8. Ventas de Zafarraya - Spain

Rex / OJO Images

9. Lolo Pass - Mount Hood, Oregon

Rex / Image Source

10. Sussex Woodland - Britain

Rex / John Curtis

11. Alsace, France

Rex / Reso

12. Vanoise - French Alps

Rex / Gerard Lacz

13. Paradise Valley, Montana

Rex / Ralph Krubner

14. Normandy, France

Rex / Gerard Lacz

15. Tiefental Valley - Austria

Rex / Mood Board

16. Grasmere - Lake District - Britain

Rex / Ashley Cooper

17. Mount Rainier - Washington

Rex / Image Source

18. Valneria Preci - Umbria, Italy

Rex / David Noton

19. Soca Valley - Primorska, Slovenia

Rex / James Osmond

20. Andalucia, Spain

Rex / Global Warming Images

21. Hampstead Heath - London, United Kingdom

Rex / Ronnie Israel

22. Syrenga, Finland

Rex / Lehutikva Oy

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