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17 People Who Just Can't Get It Together

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1. This sassy detective who wasn't paying attention.

2. This guy trying to be slick.

3. Someone suffering from a major case of "the feels."

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4. These very "trustworthy" bros.

5. This very hungry kid.

6. Your overly thirsty friend.

Touchstone Pictures / Via

7. Your overly thirsty pet.

8. The guy who just took this out of the toolshed for the first time this season.

9. Out-of-practice physical fitness aficionados.

10. These amateur OWUSE-sketeers.

11. Nerds with attitude problems.

12. Nerds with attention deficit disorders.

13. The mom who didn't know exactly how creative snack time was going to be today.

14. Whoever's left to clean up the celebratory mess after the champions revel in their win.

Flickr / Eric Kilby / Via Flickr: ekilby

15. This otherwise super classy percussionist.

16. These sweeties just trying to take a dip.

17. This thing that can't do its one job.

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