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15 People Who Are Perfectly In Sync

Everything is so smooth when you know the moves to follow. Imagine being able to communicate online with that much ease! lets you connect the social networks you’re already using—like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn—to keep your address book updated automatically, so it’s easier to stay in sync with your friends and family. Check it out! And a 5, 6, 7, 8...

1. The Blues Brothers

2. Everyone in Van Halen that isn't Diamond Dave

3. The babies who love to hear their dad play guitar

4. Anyone who was choreographed by Busby Berkeley back in the day

5. The ostriches and gators making their entrance to the Dance of the Hours

6. Dennis and Charlie

7. Jay & Silent Bob

8. Charlie's Angels

9. These synchronized swimmers

10. Claire and Allison, casually taking a break from detention

11. These physical fitness gurus

12. Marisa Tomei and The Divine Miss M

13. Will and Ashley

14. The Addams

15. And of course...

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With, you can have all of your people in one automatically updated place, whether they're from, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google. See your friends' recent status updates, profile pictures, and Tweets in your email. Even chat with Facebook friends right from your inbox. Whether you're learning a new dance move from your tap dancing kid sister, or hearing about a high school buddy's recent wedding, keeps you perfectly in sync with the rhythm of life.