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11 Unbreakable Email Etiquette Rules

Emoticon explosions. Fwd:Fwd:Fwds. Email is sacred and these are the top violations that result in awkward silence and dissolving friendships.

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2. Try To Keep The Font Size Less Than 24

We know that not everyone has great vision. But there's nothing less fun than getting an email on your mobile device where each sentence takes up the whole screen.

3. Exclamation! Points! Are! Not! Periods!

People use exclamation points these days to make semi-formal business emails sound more friendly. Using a couple is like smiling. But using a dozen is like manically laughing while running down the street in a clown costume.

6. Too Short Of A Reply Is Insulting

A single word in response to a paragraph is impolite, and probably less helpful than total silence. Even if you have very little to say, at least try to communicate in full sentences.

10. Gigantic Images Are No Fun

Modern cameras can take pictures that are thousands and thousands of pixels wide, but if you send them to your friends at that size, they're going to be scrolling for ages just to see what's going on.