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10 Ways To Achieve The Most Out Of Your Allotted 24 Hours A Day

Don't waste another year making plans that you won't stick to.

1. Stick to task. Procrastination's greatest ally is distraction.

2. Create masterful spreadsheets to keep track of the ~friendly~ competitions you're having with your mates.

3. Actively collaborate online with co-workers, so you aren't sitting around watching the paint dry.

4. Find flexibility in your ~personal admin~ with OneDrive.

5. Work offline when you can in an attempt to avoid the sometimes unavoidable, unwanted interruptions.

6. Get on top of your five-year plan, with Microsoft's Resume Assistant.

7. Turn off your social media notifications during key work or study times, cos ain't nobody got time for that — sorry Mum!

8. Get familiar with keyboard shortcuts, because nobody likes a frantic mouse clicker.

9. Come armed with a ~visually enticing~ preso to answer all your Aunt Mabel's many questions about your 3-month backpacking trip through Europe.

10. And finally, use a workflow tool to help you achieve both the big and small stuff.

Office 365 is made for achieving. Get a free trial and work anywhere, on any device, with premium versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, plus 1 TB of OneDrive storage.

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