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9 Game-Changing Microsoft Office Hacks That You Probably Don’t Know About

The year is 2020, it's time you learnt how to harness the true power of PowerPoint.

1. Work offline, get deep in the zone and upload your changes later, whydontcha?

2. Co-author a document at the same time as someone else and Get. It. Done.

3. Reply in-line to an email without even opening it. No, not magic, just impressively efficient.

4. Insert links to stored files instead of sending inbox-clogging big files to co-workers.

5. Get creative with 3D models in PowerPoint, to make your presentations really ~stand~ out.

6. Utilise the CV Builder in Microsoft Word to create a seriously kickass CV for your dream job in 2020.

7. An intelligent email inbox that can actually de-clutter itself and rescue you from your email downward spiral.

8. Get chatty with co-workers in Office apps.

9. And finally, wake up feeling refreshed and energised, knowing that all your work was automatically saved to OneDrive.

Office 365 is made for achieving. Get a free trial and work anywhere, on any device, with premium versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, plus 1 TB of OneDrive storage.


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