12 GIFs That Are Better Faster

Faster is better. And you know what’s really quick? The new MSN. It’s 4x faster* than other top sites at delivering the stories everyone will be talking about. See what’s new on MSN. Here are the funniest GIFS sped up and made a million times better.

*Applies to MSN for Windows 8.

1. Nom-ing bananas is way more fun!

2. Swinging makes you feel like Superman.

3. Work gets done in half the time!

Inglorious Basterds, Universal Pictures / Via cruelvitoria.blogspot.com

4. Household chores are a piece of cake!

5. Build more muscle faster!

6. Dubstep!!!

8. And sit-ups!

9. Birthdays are so epic and exciting when they are lightning speed!

10. Never be late again!

11. And cleaning can be fun…when it's sped up!

12. Everything is fun and amazing!

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