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10 Science Fiction Technologies That Are Now Real

The touchscreen was so futuristic in Star Trek, but now it's an everyday tool on our phones and computers. When you're on the go, see what's new with MSN. It's optimized with touch in mind. The future is now, so check it out on MSN!

1. Commercial Space Flight in “2001: A Space Odyssey”

2. Deloreans That Don’t Need Roads in “Back To The Future”

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3. Robot Maids in “The Jetsons”

4. Body Scanners in “Total Recall”

5. Space-Age Communicators in “Star Trek”

6. Cloning in “Multiplicity”

7. Dog translation devices in "Up"

8. Self-driving cars in "Batman"

9. The invisibility cloak in "Harry Potter"

10. Growing organs from ANY science fiction movie