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Where Does Your Graymail Come From?

As BuzzFeed employees, we tend to sign up for a lot of online services, which means we get a ton of those helpful alerts, notifications, and update emails known as graymail. 20 BuzzFeeders tracked their inboxes for one day to see where it was all coming from. Then we made them face off!

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I guess we're pretty popular? This one was a unexpected, but we get more friend requests on our favorite social networks than we do messages, tags, and @ mentions on a given day.

Statement notifications help us stay on top of our finances, which is always helpful, but newsletters help us stay on top of the companies and sites we love. In the end, money wins out.

Here at BuzzFeed, we live in the moment, which is why we get way more emails about stuff we can buy RIGHT NOW as opposed to some deal way off on the horizon. The daily deal coupon trend has really taken off over the last couple years, and with good reason.

Do we want to stay in front of our computers all day checking out awesome new content on our favorite sites, or do we just want to get away from is all? Well, according to our inboxes, we'll stick with the former.

Let's face it, when you get a new email, you'd rather see that someone is following you on your favorite social network than get some boring bank or account statement. Friends are fun. Math is not.

You've really got to stay on top of those daily deal emails if you hope to get anything out of them. Meanwhile, new site features and content? That'll always be there waiting for us, so we'd much rather see those emails.

So, when you sign in to your inbox every morning, which are you hoping to see? Would you rather have some new friend requests waiting for you? Or would you rather see that your favorite site has something new for you?

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