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10 Things You Didn't Realize You Signed Up For

Your roommate’s collection of cats, you boyfriend’s crazy parents, the annoying emails in your inbox - there are some things in life you just didn't sign up for. At least with your email, Hotmail's new graymail features have found a way to help with all of that unwanted clutter. If only life were that simple.

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2. Crazy Customers

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When you get a job in retail, you probably expect a couple of crazy customers. But the woman who finds a finger in her chili....nope, you didn't sign up for that.

3. Your Girlfriend's Jealousy Issues

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While things may seem great in the beginning, take notice of signs your girlfriend may be a little nuts. Because no one signs up for jealousy issues.

4. Graymail: your daily deals, newsletters, and social updates

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While you may love your Facebook friends and thousands of Twitter followers, you probably don't love all of the annoying notifications you end up receiving as a result. With Hotmail's new graymail features, you can organize your inbox so that the things you've actually signed up for make it to the top.

5. A Lifetime Commitment To The Kardashians

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By signing up for the K card, you may think you're one step closer to partying with the Kardashians, but ironically enough, you're on the fast track to ">sky high fees.

6. Your Boyfriend's Crazy Mom

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You may have a choice in who you date, but their parents are the luck of the draw. And while you may have found the man of your dreams, you may have also signed up for a monster-in-law.

7. The $30K You Spend On Your Friends

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When every friend is your best friend, life can get expensive. Especially when they start getting married and having children. If you haven't hit that point in your life, you should probably start saving now.

8. Becoming A Meme

Relationships come and go, but meme's last forever. When you enter into a relationship, you probably don't worry about being turned into a meme if it doesn't work out. Unfortunately, for this poor guy, that's exactly what happened.

9. Your Daily Cat Facts Text Update

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Cat Facts crowding up your phone? The day you decided to vote on what cat should win "best of breed" was the day you had added another best friend. And this one sends you daily text messages on cat facts.