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11 Ridiculous Ways Social Media Is A Total Ego Boost

Of course we love the major ego boost our social networks often give us. But do we really love the thousands of e-mail notifications that come along with being an internet celebrity? With Hotmail's new graymail features, you can be the celeb your social networks tell you you are, without all of the annoying notifications cluttering up your inbox.

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2. Your Klout Constantly Tells You You're Influential About "Important" Topics

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The next time you're on a job interview, just tell them you're influential about Cats.

4. Your Inbox Begins to Sound Like Unrelenting Newsies

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Being a social media maven can create a major problem for your inbox, where every tag and notification seems to be shouting for your attention. Your Klout score may be in the thousands, but let’s keep your inbox to just the important few. With Hotmail’s new graymail features, you can keep only the latest notification, or even categorize them to a separate folder. Worry about your groups, followers, pins, and tags, without the cluttered noise they can create.

5. You May Be A C-List DJ, But Your 14K Followers Make You Feel Like A Celebrity

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It's not how many people know your name that matters, it's the amount of followers you have.