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13 Simple Ways Not To Go For Broke In College

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3. See the art flick instead of the blockbuster.


You can save money by getting a membership at a premium-priced art film house instead of seeing the blockbusters. You're supposed to be learning anyway, right?

4. Turn those nosebleed seats into discounted nosebleed seats.

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An average "premium" ticket at a pro baseball game goes for $93.41. Good thing most pro teams have student discounts for the the cheap seats. Just ask!

8. Attend all "information sessions" on campus.

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Don't feel guilty for attending for the food. If they're offering pizza, they know you're only coming for the pizza. It's their job to win you over from there.

9. Sign up for every psych study available to you.


Most research colleges have to do just that: research. They're looking for complicated minds like yours to study, and they're willing to pay to do so.

10. And organize a clothing swap with friends.


If you've got any clothes lying around that you don't wear, pawn them off. Put the skills you learned in Theories of Persuasion 101 to the test by bartering with friends.

11. Sublet during finals week.


Here's what you do: list your place online, find a study buddy, and move in together for a week. You'll have nagging motivation to study while making a little spring break cash on the side.

12. Boldly gain employment from your professor.


Professors love needing help. Spending a few hours a week helping around a professor's office can land you some extra spending money and invaluable face time.

13. Find a part-time transcribing job since you're good at typing.


Especially if you're studying liberal arts, there are a surprising number of transcription jobs worth considering. Get typin' on that résumé.

The best benefit of all? Free Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel. See if your school is signed up today!