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6 Time-Saving Things You Can Do On Microsoft Surface

There's a lot more than Ctrl + C.

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1. Open OneNote with the click of a pen...

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Late to a lecture? Relax. With Surface, you never need to scour your notebook for a blank page again. Simply click the top button once on your Surface Pen to quickly open OneNote where you can scribble while even resting your palm on the display.

2. ...and double-click to screen capture.

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Now you can put that incessant pen-clicking habit to good use. Double-click the top button on the Surface Pen to capture your entire screen, which you can then crop using the pen tip. When you lift the pen, your screenshot will show up in OneNote.

3. Ink diagrams and write formulas that virtually solve themselves.

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In the olden semesters, you needed a pencil and paper to label charts and write equations. But this is the future. With the Surface Pen, you can naturally mark up diagrams and draft formulas that allow you to plug in numbers for instant results.

4. Set reminders and schedule alarms with Cortana.

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Whether it's setting an alarm for a quick power nap or a reminder to ask your roommate for rent, your digital assistant, Cortana, can manage your schedule with ease. You can summon her by clicking and holding the Surface Pen's eraser button.

5. Annotate, highlight, and draw on any webpage.

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In the new Microsoft Edge browser, the internet is your whiteboard. Say you're working on a paper — you can highlight passages, jot notes in the margins, or doodle as you might in a normal textbook. From there, you can share and save effortlessly.

6. Sign in hands-free without a password.

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It's time to stop typing out your pet's name every time you want to log in. With Windows Hello, your PC automatically unlocks itself after recognizing your face. Your computer literally lights up when it sees you now. It's also more secure btw.

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