10 Things You Probably Never Knew You Could Do On The Internet

The Internet is full of surprising little websites that can tear your boredom away. You’ll be amazed at the random things you can do! You can even search for things on the web with the help of your friends. Connect Bing with Facebook and see what you can do when your friends are part of your search.

1. Make GIFs HUGE for fun.

Because who doesn’t like maximum, full-screen gifs? Try this one out for size.

2. Have a website imagine your next tweet.

This generator is scary accurate and hilarious at the same time.

3. Get some productivity reinforcement with cats.

Do you have to write a paper? A long speech? Some presentation with lots of words? Let “Written Kitten” help you. A new, cute picture of a cat will pop up every 100 words you write.

4. …Or procrastinate with them.

More cats without all the writing! Just click a button and a new cat GIF will appear (with musical accompaniment).

5. Make a digital sand sculpture.

Turn the pixels on your screen into wonderful sand art with the click of a mouse. It’s all the fun of sand art without all the gritty sand. Now that’s relaxing.

6. Place your mouse pointer in random places and people will point at it.

No, really! It’s a lot more interesting (and fun) once you try it.

7. Play a guessing game with a magical genie.

Think of a random person, real or fictional. The genie will guess who it is! He’s scary accurate.

8. Generate a fun illustration by making scribbles.

You literally just make scribbles and this application turns it into art. Genius.

9. Shorten your long words with this Thesaurus.

It’s great for Twitter (and people who are too verbose.)

10. Make random sound effect buttons.

At some point in your life you will want a button that makes a random sound effect. Maybe as a clever response to someone on Twitter. Maybe to annoy your coworkers. The possibilities are endless. And you’re welcome.

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