10 Jaw-Dropping Victories Presented By GIFs

Nothing is more exciting than watching a victory happen before your very eyes. And that’s why we have gifs! So you can see these amazing victories again and again. Speaking of victories, did you know that people chose Bing web search results over Google nearly 2 to 1 in blind comparison tests?* Go to www.bingiton.com and take the challenge today!

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1. McKayla Maroney's stunning vault at the 2012 Olympics.

You know a winner when you see one.

2. This amazing parkour flip.

So impressive (to say the least)! There are no mats or helmets here to guard his fall, so perfection is a must.

3. Hope Solo's lightspeed gold medal save

Hope Solo lead the U.S. Women’s soccer team to a gold winning victory! She’s got the grass stains to prove it.

4. A wicked wheelchair flip!

So what awesome things have you done today?

5. The most impressive ending to a rhythmic gymnastics routine!

Daria Dmitrieva won the silver medal for her mind-blowing performance at the 2012 Olympics. Don’t you dare try to make fun of rhythmic gymnastics again.

6. This unbelievable bike stunt up a building!

Amazing. Just simply amazing.

7. The coolest backflips ever!

What? How? Awesome.

8. You wish your trick shots were as cool as this.

It’s memorizing.

9. Probably the best celebration to a victory goal… ever!

Iceland really knows how to celebrate.

10. An amazing touchdown presented by Rage Faces

It’s a long GIF, but stick with us! It’s an awesome play.

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