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10 Signs You're In A Relationship With Technology

And you're ready to take it to the next level.

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1. You feel uneasy when you're apart.

IntoConnection (CC 3.0) / Via

It's as though part of you is missing.

2. Because when you're together it's like nothing else matters.

BrightonUniVideos (CC 3.0) / Via

The world just goes on by.

3. Friends complain about the lengths they must go to get your attention.

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They're just jealous, obviously.

4. You don't like other people getting too close. / Via

Touching is just not allowed. They should know that.

5. In fact, some people say you can be a bit overprotective.


But it's only because you can't imagine life without it.

6. You fall asleep snuggling...


After some good ol'-fashioned pillow talk.

...and wake up in each other's arms.


Morning breath and all.

7. You've mastered the art of taking selfies together.


It's true what they say: Practice makes perfect.

8. Your intimate nights in are a regular thing…

You cherish that quality alone time, just the two of you.
Erich Stüssi (CC BY-SA 2.0) / Via Flickr: designsquid

You cherish that quality alone time, just the two of you.

…but you equally love going out together too.


When you're with each other, there's never a dull moment.

9. You feel comfortable saying whatever's on your mind, because you know you'll never be judged for it.


Your relationship is built on trust. Which is handy, because it knows all of your secrets.

10. But you know relationships take work, so you're always looking for new ways to keep things fresh and exciting.

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Especially if you're going to be together, forever!

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