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Here Are 9 Charities That You Can Help Just By Doing Things You Love

We all wish we could do more to give back. But Microsoft Rewards makes it so much simpler. With Microsoft Rewards you can donate your points to the below charities.

1. City Year

2. Special Olympics

3. Boys & Girls Clubs of America

4. The Nature Conservancy


6. WE



9. Teach For America

It’s pretty simple — if you wanna give a little back, join Microsoft Rewards, earn points and donate them!

With Microsoft Rewards, you can earn points by doing the things you do every day — like searching and browsing the web, renting movies and TV shows, and shopping with Microsoft! Then you can redeem those points for money to donate to the above charities. Get involved by clicking here!

Already a member? Visit the charity page to donate your points.