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Literally Just 14 Relaxing Nature Photos Because You Earned It Today

[This post, courtesy of Microsoft Rewards, is meant to be read while listening to relaxing, royalty-free meditation music.]

Look, you've had a long day...

...or maybe you haven't. What do we know?

Either way, you had a day.

You're gonna wanna relax.

So take in these tranquil as heck pictures as a reward for you being you.

Imagine this is your commute — a stone bridge leading to a secluded islet off the coast of Biscay, Spain.

Let the waves gently brush away all that anxiety you had about your presentation.

Ah, lily pads — nature's pool float.

This rock is your home now. Nobody can email you in there. It's very warm inside.

Touch your cheek to this soft moss. Doesn't that feel nice?

This waterfall holds an ancient magic and will never ask you to "circle back" for a meeting.

This is your backyard. Taste the water — it's oddly sweet.

This guy? This is your roommate. He is, naturally, very chill and enjoys the same TV shows as you.

You are this pool. The arctic light is pure positivity emitting off your calm surface. You haven't felt a ripple in 1,000 years.

All Images courtesy of Bing

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