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How Many Things Do You Touch In 24 Hours?

When you think about it, you touch a lot of stuff in 24 hours. A lot. Plus, anyone who lives or works around you may also be touching these surfaces every day, right? After taking this quiz, you might want to reach out once a day to use Microban 24 too.

No matter how many times you touch these things, you can protect them with Microban 24, which initially kills 99.9% of bacteria and continues killing bacteria for 24 hours.*

Did you know bacteria can live on surfaces anywhere from several hours up to several days? It's a good thing Microban 24 kills 99.9% of bacteria. To sanitize hard, non-porous surfaces every day, just spray and walk away!

*When used as directed, Microban 24 is effective against S. aureus & E. aerogenes bacteria for 24 hours.