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    5 Things That Change When You Upgrade To An iPhone 6 Plus

    After having my new phone for a week, there are some things I've noticed...

    1. Clothing Conscious

    You start wearing clothes that won't cause any 'bendgate' issues. For example, that jacket with the massive pocket? It's now your new best friend. Because your phone can fit comfortably and safely within it. Also, those cargo pants you haven't worn in months with the big, baggy pockets? They're gonna be part of your weekly wardrobe again because OMG ALL THE SPACE!

    2. Wallpaper Worry

    Because of the massive display, you need to find a wallpaper that is good quality, otherwise every time you wake your phone you are greeted with a pixelated or blurry image that really makes your iPhone look ugly, and your iPhone doesn't deserve to look ugly. So you either take a new selfie with you S/O and make everyone around you gag when you unlock your phone, or if you're forever alone you spend your time searching for that perfect high quality wallpaper. Like this one.

    3. Talking Time

    When you use the phone in public or at work, you are going to find that you spend a lot of time answering questions about your phone. When people see you holding the phone, you become and Apple Genius in their eyes. Randoms are going to be asking you:

    "Oh, is that the iPhone 6 or the 6 Plus?"

    "Why didn't you buy the smaller one?"

    "Did you get a new phone?"

    (Nah, I just got a rolling pin and flattened my iPhone 5. I mean... c'mon random.)

    And the most annoying question/ statement of all?

    "Isn't that the one that bends?" / "You know it bends yeah?"

    (If I had a dollar for every time I've heard that this week...)

    (I feel like Apple should include one of those Genius Employee shirts with every iPhone 6 Plus, because you basically become an honorary Genius after the purchase.)

    4. iPhone Mini

    When you go out with friends and see them using their iPhone 4's and 5's, you can really see the difference. You used to think your old iPhone screen was a decent size, but when you hold the older models again, you can't believe how small they feel. It's like going from holding a 3 year old child to a 3 week old baby. Your hands are lost and can't remember how to hold such a small phone, and you don't know how you ever used this tiny little device. Then you hold your 6 Plus again and everything in the world is as it should be.

    5. The Camera Man

    One of the coolest new features on the iPhone 6's is the Slow Motion video capture feature. It's ridiculously easy to use, and can give you awesome footage that you will want to show everyone. Whether you're filming things as silly as your cat jumping from one couch to another, or as intense as your mates big goal at the end of the game, you can't go wrong with the slo-mo.

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