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  • Mt Isa Rodeo, August 2012

    This distressed horse didn’t choose to be at the Mt Isa rodeo this weekend. He didn’t choose to have a ‘bucking strap’ pulled tightly around his sensitive organs so that he would be forced to buck wildly and dangerously in front of a screaming crowd. This event might be over, but it’s not too late to help spare other animals from similar cruelty, please take action: http://www.animalsaustralia.org/take_action/ban-rodeo-cruelty/

  • Hell On Earth- Thailand’s Dog Meat Trade

    Throughout Asia the dog meat trade is flourishing. In particular the town of Tha Rae in Sakon Nakhorn, north east Thailand has become a center for the export of dogs through Laos and into Vietnam. Dogs are collected in exchanged for a bucket in villages throughout Thailand and then brought to Ta Rae. In Ta Rae the dogs are separated into grades. The best grade are shipped to Vietnam the rest are slaughtered and eaten locally. Thousands of dogs are slaughtered and shipped across the Mae Kong river every month. The business is worth almost as much as the drug trade and this business is legal because Thailand has no animal protection laws for the welfare of domestic animals.

  • Rachel Beckwith’s Mom Visits Ethiopia.

    On July 23, 2011, nine-year-old Rachel Beckwith was killed in a tragic car accident on highway I-90 near Seattle, Washington. After her death, thousands of people all around the world started donating to her mycharity: water fundraising page, and over the course of a month, raised over $1.2 million in Rachel’s honor. That money is now helping 60,000 people get access to clean water.

  • Baby Elephant Smuggling Exposed

    Recent video has captured the dreadful treatment of captured endangered Asian elephants as a result of cross-border capture and trafficking in the animals. The Ecologist Film Unit in association with Earth Focus/Link TV and Elephant Family shows the inhumane practices involved in capturing the baby pachyderms, often by killing their mothers and others of the herd, and the brutal breaking in of baby elephants before they are sold into animal slavery.

  • Unsafe At Any Feed

    In a national survey, fewer than half of the participants realized meat contaminated with fecal food-poisoning bacteria such as Salmonella can still legally be sold. Rather than producing safe products, the meat industry shifts the responsibility for safety onto the consumer.

  • A Planetary Perspective: With Landsat And Google Earth Engine

    Today is the 40th anniversary of the Landsat satellite program — the longest running continuous acquisition of satellite images of the Earth’s surface. Watch the urban growth of Las Vegas, Nevada over the last 20 years, explore seasonal changes as seen from space, view the drying of the Aral Sea and more with these new interactive maps.

  • Ode To Hill And Adamson

    Artist Maisie Broadhead originally trained as a jeweller and now produces fine art photographic parodies. Her work is being featured as part of a ground-breaking exhibition at the National Gallery. As part of the exhibition Jack Cole and Maisie Broadhead directed a video to be hung next to the 1844 photographic print by Hill and Adamson that it references.

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