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Top 10 Ways For Your Furry Friend To Become Internet Famous

Everybody knows that the best best friend anyone can ever have is his or her pet. So why not share your relationship through social media, you just might become famous. Here are the top ten ways to make your furry friend Internet famous.

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1. Own a cute or funny animal.

Everybody knows that unless your animal has a unique quality about them, such as tricks or resting meme face, the easiest way to have a famous pet is for them to be cute or funny. So choose wisely when picking between Princess and Butch during play time.

2. Always be camera ready.

The most obvious part is to have a camera/video phone at hand. In this day and age it would almost be taboo to not have one burning a whole through your butt pocket. You never know when your cat will run through plastic wrap or your dog decide to nap on your chest.

3. Dress them up or pose them.

A real quick cheat to enhance your dogs natural beauty, or give them some crowd appeal, is to the put on that hotdog costume you bought for Halloween. The best part is that you can join your dog in the festivities by being the ketchup to his wiener. Basically, the Heinz commercial from 2016.

4. Catch them in the act for meme moments.

The most viewed pets are the ones who get caught in the act of being themselves. It’s crazy “#relatable” and will without a doubt make you and your audience feel a type of way, preferable happy.

5. Create a snappy caption.

Always title your images for context unless the image can speak for itself. For example, selfies can speak for themselves when the background is simple, but if the background is with friends in Paris you should put, “Bonjour from Paris” and tag the fellow owners.

6. Pair picture with Emojiis and filters.

But wait! You can’t just take a picture, caption it and expect to achieve stardom. You have to post it too and that means memes, Emojiis, and filters oh my! Slap on the most adorable and LOL complementing Emojiis your phone can conjure. Of course, don’t cover the image to the point of unreadability, just a Salt Bae amount is enough.

7. Get out and about for action shots.

The next step towards great photos is to change up the scenery. You don’t want your furry friend to appear to live in a pound. Go to the park, eat out, go shopping together in Toys R Us.

8. Create a personal page for your furry friend.

Then slap all the previous shots acquired from the previous steps into your furry friends own feed. By having a personal social media account for your pet it will be easier for people to follow them and easier for talent scouts to sniff your pet out from the rest. No more sifting through inspirational quotes, Tasty food post, and baby pictures to find the fuzz ball who was there from day one.

10. Be frequent in posting.

Consistency and frequency is key. The more people see the content that should be a variety of tasty material, the more they will share with their friends. Even post a video or two from time to time. But the most important thing is that you and your furry friend are having fun together.

By: Michele Gibson

Student at University of Houston Clear Lake

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