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11 Reasons You Should Join UNO Social Site™

The Next Big Social Revolution

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1. It’s a website, that YOU own, for free. With your name. Literally…

2. .UNO isn’t an app, or a social site where you sign in & lose control.

3. With practically 800 apps and platforms, why wouldn’t you want all of your social media in one site?

4. Utilize all of your social feeds to create your site.

5. Don’t have one of the feeds? You don’t need to add it! It’s all about what YOU want on YOUR site.

6. They aren't reinventing the wheel...just giving you a nice ride in the wheels that already move you (FB? Twitter? Insta?).

7. It will take you longer to read this, than to create your site. Literally.

8. It’s ONE place for all your posts, tweets, chats, links, photos, videos, whatever you damn well want.

9. There will always be new social apps; upstarts will rise and giants will fall (R.I.P., old Friendster). But .UNO is the answer because it makes the best use of all of them. It’s always ready for the next big thing, and it’s your site...for-ev-er.

10. It’s totally free and totally amazing.

11. Oh, did I mention they are giving away an Apple Watch to the best designed site? So, there’s that.

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