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The Proud Family Is The Greatest Cartoon Of All Time

The Proud Family premiered on Disney Channel on September 15, 2001 and immediately became a fan favorite. The Proud Family was amazing from beginning to the end.

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The Excellence Starts With The Theme Song

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Before giving us A Seat At The Table, Solange teamed up with Destiny's Child and delivered one of the greatest theme songs to air on The Disney Channel. Unlike many shows, whether animated or depicted by live actors, The Proud Family never had a bad episode. Centered around the adolescent struggles of main character Penny Proud voiced by Kyla Pratt, The Proud Family told stories of triumph and tragedy with realistic characters, plot lines and humor any age could enjoy. Unfortunately, the cartoon only ran for 3 seasons including 52 episodes and an amazing film. Despite it's short run, The Proud Family was ahead of their time.

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The show managed to tackle issues such as race, religion, poverty and bullying. The main characters include Penny and her group of friends, Zoe, LaCieniga, Sticky and Dijonay. The diverse group of friends and each personal experience were highlighted throughout the show. The Proud Family told necessary stories and is the greatest cartoon of all time.

The Black History Episode Is Truly Iconic


The Black History Month episode of The Proud Family does not shy away from the abrasive racism of the civil rights movement despite being a kids program. The Proud Family accurately and appropriately displayed the extent of segregation in schools by sending Penny back to 1955 during an intricate dream. In her dream, she is dressed as activist Angela Davis and breaks race barriers by hanging out with Zoe, who she knows as her present day white friend.

The Kwanzaa Episode Taught Everyone A Lesson.

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The Proud Family had an episode commemorating Kwanzaa, an African American holiday based in African principles and traditions. No other cartoon has better uplifted the holiday which promotes black culture. In the episode, Penny and family meet a homeless family and invite them over for Christmas dinner. The Prouds learned to embrace and accept other cultures, especially in their own race. The family in-turn teaches the Prouds the true meaning of the holiday season.

Penny Never Shied Away From Speaking Her Mind.

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On many occasions, Penny is often put in a position where she can either back down or be a voice for change and the self proclaimed "Cute and Loud" young lady never disappoints. In one episode, Penny convinces her parents to let her have a sleepover and her best friend Dijonay turned it into the party of the year. Penny and one of her peers Myron get locked in a closet and everyone including her parents have their own ideas of what happens. Despite the truth, Penny's favorite frenemy LaCieniga starts a rumor about the two, scorned she did not nab an invite to the party. Penny despite being hurt, did not join in when the rumors flipped on LaCieniga. Instead she broke out in song. Although her classmates continue to spread lies, Penny stood up for what she believed in.

The Proud Family Was The Cartoon Of The Culture


The Proud Family provided many introspective moments for not just Black America but for us all. These three examples are only a few of many truly iconic moments delivered by The Proud Family. Like many Disney shows, The Proud Family met its end with a movie which gave us a dance battle of You Got Served or Save The Last Dance caliber. The Proud Family was a staple to black culture. The cartoon influenced a generation to be proud of their heritage, listen to their inner voice and embrace the ups and downs of adolescence.

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