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The Good Doggo's Of Instagram

Every doggo and pupper is a good boy and girl, but here are just some of the most insta-famous.

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Good Boy Beckham from Vancouver

Instagram: @baby

If you follow this fluffy Samoyed on Instagram, you'll definitely be jealous of his adventurous lifestyle; going out for hikes in North Vancouver's beautiful Lynn Canyon, and running through the snowy fields of Vancouver in the winter.

Good Girl Louboutina from NYC

Instagram: @louboutinanyc

Louboutina, or Loubie for short, loves going on long walks with her hooman and giving free hugs to the people of New York City. If you're ever in New York you can email Loubie and schedule a free hug with her! (You can find her hooman's email on their Instagram bio)

Good Girl Mir from Korea

Mir the mini schnauzer brushing her teeth with the help of mama.

But little Mir isn't the only pupper in the family, there's also Eda, Sharon, and Stella the Bichon Frise's, Wendy the Shihtsu, and Fine the Poodle.

Keeping up with the Kardashian's? Nah, I like to keep up with the Mir family.

Good Girl Dada from Japan

Dada the 10 year old long haired Chihuahua loves posing for the camera. And those plushies aren't there just for show, little Dada was invited to the red carpet for the movie premiere of "The Secret Life of Pets."

Good Boy Remix from Miami/Toronto

This traveling mini schnauzer dresses to impress and loves to be the star of his hooman's photo shoots. If you're also into aesthetically pleasing photo's give his hooman a follow at @hipster.

Good Girl Marotan from Japan

Marotan the Shiba Inu loves to be dressed up by her hooman and is very talented in balancing yellow rubber ducks on her nose and paws, her hooman also runs a blog on Ameba (a Japanese blogging network) dedicated to Marotan and their everyday adventures at home. Not only does Marotan love her warm jackets and costumes, she also enjoys going out in the snow.

Good Boy Norbert from L.A.

With 416 thousand followers, Norbert is nothing short of a celebrity. Not only is Norbert famous on Instagram, but he's also well known around the hallways of the LA Children's Hospital as a therapy dog, bringing smiles and joy to sick children.

Good Girl Ching Ching from Singapore

This lovable ball of fur, nicknamed "yeti" by her hooman's, love's eating watermelon and somehow manages to keep her fur white as snow and knot free. Ching Ching also loves to pose for the camera, she is not at all camera shy; which makes for some very cute candid photos of her enjoying her day.

Good Girl Kuma from Japan

You think this hairstyle's cute? Wait till you see the other styles Kuma can pull of, one even includes a toque. Kuma never has a bad hair day, hope she can make some hair tutorial videos so I can look as fabulous as her.

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