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Why Your Music Taste Says A Lot About Yourself

Music isn't just one of life's sweet accessories. It gives us the words we dare not utter aloud. Or, strings them together in a way we never could; ultimately expressing the ramblings of our own mind. So, it’s safe to say that our music tastes have many things to say about us.

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1. Age Predictor

It's pretty obvious that if you listen to older music, you're most likely not as young as you once were when the song actually hit the air ways. Now, this isn't always a spot on prediction. Some modern day youths love to hop back in time to when music wasn't just made with a laptop and a sick drop.

2. How Adventurous You Really Are

Curiosity is the center of adventure. Without it, well, you wouldn't get too far. Getting lost down the musical rabbit hole is much the same. The more you find yourself there, shows you're not one to shy away from off screen adventure.

3. If You're a Follower

Listening to the radio is monotonous, considering they spoon feed you the same handful of mediocre songs for weeks on end. Subservience is never a flattering look. It doesn't really scream leader either.

5. Your Style

It's safe to say that if you're wearing cowboy boots and a hat to match, you're most likely not jammin' out to Sade. Clothing and music are both extensions of your overall style. However, that doesn't mean you can't dabble in all areas of music.

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