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    • michelrodriguep

      Ark! so many disgusting racist comment about french canadian and Québec! Many anglophone are mean to the francophone too ! There’s racist fellow in both two community and they’re the problem, not the majority of people who live in peace. And just for you’re info, official language in Québec is French and it’s spoke by 80% of the population as their native language. So yeah it’s normal that in you’re country (province) you did want to get respond in your language when you get service, that’s why there’s law 101, which by the way did not force anybody too speak french, except in job for services. And in history the british colonist were mean too us so yeah we still have a little historical resentment against anglo. But nowaday most people who want independance don’t want it against Canada, but want it for themselves as a way to have the control of their own destiny. And for the ((Charte des valeurs)), you have to know that until the 60’s Québec was literaly a theocraty. We went into a deep transformation in the 60’s 70’s and we separate religion from state. Québec is now one of the most secularised(separated religion from State) society in the world. I think many Québecois would appreciated, if more English-Canadian show interest in learning french and learning Québec culture, instead of spitting on it.

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