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    Chris D'Elia May Have Just Started The Dance Phenomenon Of The Year

    Ladies & gents, this is #realdancing

    This is comedian/actor Chris D'Elia.

    NBC / Via

    You may know him from when he played "Alex Miller" on the TV show "Whitney" with Whitney Cummings. Or, you're currently catching him as "Danny Burton" on the HIGHLARIOUS show "Undateable" on NBC.

    What you probably didn't know about Chris is that he's a dancing extraordinaire. So much so that he most likely just started the dance phenom of 2016.

    He's calling it #realdancing, set to Flo Rida's "My House", and people are hopping on board REAL QUICK.

    He's gotten Grammy Award Winner Meghan Trainor doing the dance...

    ...And AJ McLean from the Backstreet Boys putting his boy band moves on it.

    Hol'up. Is that Jesse McCartney doing #realdancing? YUP!

    Tony Cavalero from Nickelodeon's "School of Rock" is killin' it!

    Apparently even superheroes aren't immune to this dance that is going viral AF!

    Kids are joining in on the fun...

    ...And families...

    ...Elite scholars...

    ...This gal...

    ...And this guy.

    Yes! This dude! / Via Seventeen

    And how about this badass dance troupe making it look real easy.

    Annnnd one more cutie for good measure.

    Genius, Chris D'Elia. Pure genius! / Via Giphy
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