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    Attention Everyone: San Francisco Is NOT That Cold In The Summer

    The coldest winter I ever spent was... roughly 60 degrees.

    Ever since that not-Mark-Twain quote, people have been complaining about how the summer in San Francisco isn't really summer.

    Never knew it was so cold in San Francisco 😳

    I wake up in San Francisco and it's cold asf but I love it 💘😩

    I'm actually contemplating wearing my gloves this morning because I hate having cold hands. It's July. San Francisco, I think I love you.

    It's always so cold here brrr (@ San Francisco International Airport (SFO) - @flysfo in San Francisco, CA)

    Downtown San Francisco is COLD at night! #Ihoughtitwassummer

    I never thought San Francisco would be so cold 💨

    Who knew San Francisco could be so cold?

    San Francisco isn't that cold!! THIS is cold.

    This is what actual coldness looks like.

    Real winter means using your pizza box as a snow shield.

    This is probably the coldest winter someone has ever actually spent.

    If this is you, THEN you are allowed to complain.

    But please don't complain about this.

    Or this.

    Definitely not this.

    Try this instead.

    OK, I'm done here. $6,800 for this 1BR "suburban chic" near Dolores Park. Why.