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Attention Everyone: San Francisco Is NOT That Cold In The Summer

The coldest winter I ever spent was... roughly 60 degrees.

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Ever since that not-Mark-Twain quote, people have been complaining about how the summer in San Francisco isn't really summer.

Never knew it was so cold in San Francisco 😳


I wake up in San Francisco and it's cold asf but I love it 💘😩

I'm actually contemplating wearing my gloves this morning because I hate having cold hands. It's July. San Francisco, I think I love you.

It's always so cold here brrr (@ San Francisco International Airport (SFO) - @flysfo in San Francisco, CA)

Downtown San Francisco is COLD at night! #Ihoughtitwassummer

I never thought San Francisco would be so cold 💨


Who knew San Francisco could be so cold?


Try this instead.

OK, I'm done here. $6,800 for this 1BR "suburban chic" near Dolores Park. Why.


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