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    For Everyone Who Looks Hella Drunk In Pics

    It can happen to you.

    Resting shitface is a common condition that affects the face of a person who has consumed too many adult beverages.

    It starts like this.


    And while you might feel fierce and flawless...


    You probably look a little more like this:

    Or this:

    Signs of resting shitface include closed eyes, squinty eyes, and open mouth.

    I'm trying to get this shitfaced tonight. #HailManziel

    But soon enough, you become aware of your resting shitface.

    Eewe I'm to@drunj hut @timmytrumpet lmao

    And you enter a whole new level of shitface.


    You start trying to keep your eyes VERY OPEN.

    Jessica Misener

    It looks something like this.

    And you end up posing for pictures like so:


    You start to look a little creepy.

    But don't worry, resting shitface only lasts a few hours...


    So enjoy it.


    Go find the nearest food item and spoon it.


    Pizza doesn't care what you look like.

    You are beautiful.


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