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The Disco Ball Is Having A Moment And There's Nothing You Can Do About It

Party like it's 1969.

1. Disco balls are everything right now.

Halloween is starting over at today! See how to make our disco ball! ✨

2. They're being used as protection.

3. Mannequins are wearing them. As clothes.

4. People are cutting them open...

5. And using them as planters.

Chaparral Studio / Via

This one is $350.00.

6. One company has an entire "Disco Lab" collection.

You can literally do the horizontal mambo in this hammock.

7. They also sell this Disco Kippah.



8. This disco garden gnome is sold out online.

Michelle Rial

9. This disco ball is literal art.

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer on view at bitforms gallery / Via Facebook: bitforms

"As visitors introduce their head inside the sphere, they see a mise en abyme reflection multiplied kaleidoscopically, creating both a spacious, yet isolated, self-centered experience. Meanwhile, from the outside, the public can clearly see the person inside the sphere."

See it at bitforms gallery in NYC.

10. You can own this fine art print of a disco pineapple.

Sarah Illenberger / Via

For €160.00.

11. Disco balls are in bathrooms.

12. And on runways.

13. They're on everything.

14. You can even ride in a disco-themed Lyft in San Francisco.

Via Facebook: DiscoLyft

Like Cash Cab, but disco vibes instead of cash.

15. There's also this bra that definitely won't cut you all over.

16. And this...chandelier?

17. Get this disco ball mirror costume suit on Etsy.


If you can afford it.

18. Baby. Shoes.

19. This tiny hat.

20. This "home decor."


It's whatever you want it to be.

  1. Which disco thing do you NEED?

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Which disco thing do you NEED?
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    Disco Helmet
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    Disco Planter
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    Disco Outfit
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    Disco Gnome
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    Disco Hammock
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    Disco Kippah
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    Disco Costume
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    Disco Baby Shoes
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    Disco Art
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    Disco Bra
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    Disco Tiny Hat
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    Fuck you I hate this.