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19 #GrowingUpVenezuelan Tweets That'll Make You Crave An Arepa

Food, beaches, politics. Mostly food.

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1. Requesting Torontos from every visitor.

#growingupvenezuelan having the best chocolate on earth.

2. Correcting everyone who thinks you're saying Minnesota.

#growingupvenezuelan "where are you from" "Venezuela" "Minnesota?"

Not Minnesota, coño.

3. Relatives come with a suitcase full of this:

#GrowingUpVenezuelan always eating Arepas every time there was no food because there was ALWAYS Harina Pan

4. Siempre todo chévere.

#GrowingUpVenezuelan Saying "Chevere" every time someone asks you "como estas chama"


5. Bragging to friends about the beautiful landscapes.

"Did you know Venezuela was the inspiration for the landscape in Disney's Up?"

6. Margarita. Not the drink.

#GrowingUpVenezuelan getting to go here every weekend 😍

7. Cachapa problems.

#growingupvenezuelan my friends think I'm weird because I eat pancakes with cheese instead of syrup

8. Trying to explain tequeños to people.

#GrowingUpVenezuelan El desayuno de todos los dias en el colegio.

They're not mozzarella sticks, they're AMAZING.


9. Everyone, at every party:


#growingupvenezuelan these are your favorite drinks

11. Walking around the block at midnight on NYE with your suitcases and a handful of grapes.

#GrowingUpHispanic #GrowingUpVenezuelan spending New Years with your family while all of your white friends are out getting drunk

It's tradition.

12. The flag on everything.

When you are known as the gringa b/c you live in Miami but you try to fit in when family visits #GrowingUpVenezuelan


13. Never saying "cosa."

#GrowingUpVenezuelan we don't say "thing" we say "vaina" or "mierda" -Marico pasame la vaina que esta arriba de la mierdita esa.

14. Saying "mieeeeeercoles" but not meaning Wednesday.

#GrowingUpVenezuelan Every time you got in trouble your mom would say "Mira tu, carajito del miércole!"

15. Opening a Windows Messenger account just to chat with your cousins.

Remember when the chanceo was big deal #GrowingUpVenezuelan

16. Popcorn was controversial.

#GrowingUpVenezuelan when everyone calls it palomitas de maíz and I just say cotufa


17. Not as controversial as wearing red.

#GrowingUpVenezuelan when half your family is Chavista and the other isn't so they pretend to like each other in family gatherings 😂

18. And no matter the political party, you always had to ask for bendición from every tia.

Getting smacked if you didn't ask for La Bendicion when any of your family members called #GrowingUpHispanic #GrowingUpVenezuelan

Que Dios te bendiga.

19. But the one thing everyone could always agree on:

#GrowingUpVenezuelan it doesn't matter what meal it is you'll always end up having