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    17 Times Pokémon Go Was The Absolute Fucking Worst

    Another Zubat, fucking really?

    1. When you get excited to use your home Wi-Fi to play, but you realise you live in A DARK ABYSS.

    Miramax Films / Twitter: @MANvsGAME / Via Twitter: @MANvsGAME

    2. Or when you finally venture out of your home to hunt for Pokémon, and the servers fuck you over.

    Tumblr: @caylengf / Via

    3. When your phone vibrates and you get excited but it's just another fucking Zubat.

    Music Choice / 4Kids Entertainment

    When is it not a Zubat, honestly.

    4. Or a god damn Rattata there to ruin your life.

    friends: i got so many rare pokemon how about you me:

    5. When a good Pokémon finally pops up, and you have no more Poké Balls because you wasted them all on the shitty commons.

    Nintendo / Republic Records / Via

    6. And when the professor only gives you one candy when you transfer the shitty Pokémon that took multiple balls to catch.

    Facebook: @Pokemon-Go Memes / Via Facebook: 219914891735921

    7. When you really want some free Poké Balls but have to decide that sometimes it's just not worth it.

    Facebook: @Only In New Zealand / NBC / Via Facebook: kiwisnz

    8. When you walk for what feels like eternity to hatch your egg and it ends up just being a really shitty Pokémon.

    Facebook: @Pokemon-Go Memes / Via Facebook: 219914891735921


    Twitter: @annna_mariaaaa / Via Twitter: @annna_mariaaaa

    10. When people drop a bunch of Lures and you're just out of reach from them.

    Niantic / Orion Pictures

    11. Or when you drop a Lure and only FUCKING WEEDLES COME TO YOUR YARD.

    Nintendo / Universal Pictures

    12. When you're finally in a location you know has all the good Pokémon, and the servers are down.

    Nickelodeon / Twitter: @OmgPokemonGo / Via Twitter: @OmgPokemonGo

    13. Or you get close enough and your phone dies.

    Nintendo / Twitter: @BulbasaurMemes / Via Twitter: @BulbasaurMemes

    14. When that high CP Pokémon FINALLY gets in your Poké Ball, and then pops right fucking out.

    Nickelodeon / Twitter: @OmgPokemonGo / Via Twitter: @OmgPokemonGo

    15. When you get too into playing and you realise your phone battery is fucked.

    Twitter: @OmgPokemonGo / Via Twitter: @OmgPokemonGo

    16. Plus your mobile data consumption is next-level.

    Twitter: @OmgPokemonGo / Via Twitter: @OmgPokemonGo

    17. And worst of all, when you start to think Pokémon Go is cool, then you see all these brands trying to hop on the vibe too.

    That is not a vibe.

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