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    16 Hacks That You Need To Know For Your Next Long-Haul Flight

    Ain't nothing like a smooth-ass flight.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their best long-haul flight hacks. Here are the genius tips.

    1. Bring your own snacks:

    @urban_vegan_uk / Via

    "I would advise to take some healthy and fresh snacks (carrot sticks anyone?) or some homemade food that'll make you feel great, and not leave an intense smell at the same time." —Sara Coelho, Facebook

    2. And provide your own drinks:

    @barbarariffo / Via

    "After throwing up on multiple flights I found that taking lots of your own drinks and snacks with you help a ton. (Vitamin water is a must.)" —gabbyg12

    3. Beat jet lag before it beats you:

    @feffe_sunshine / Via

    "Adjust your watch to your final destination time when boarding the plane - that way you can start fighting off the jet lag beforehand." —Kristina Vitkova, Facebook

    4. Stretch your body before your flight:

    @jenduhams / Via

    "I always lightly stretch my legs and back properly the night before and morning of, it really helps ease the feeling of those dreadful plane chairs!" —clares400eff8e7

    5. Unpack as soon as you get to your seat:

    @drbunshuggers / Via

    "Get EVERYTHING out. Your neighbours will hate you for digging under the seat and up in the overhead compartment mid-flight. I always get out my laptop, books, headphones, literally anything I need for the flight." —Kaylee Walsh

    6. Wear some comfy but loose clothes:

    @happydays_tati / Via

    "Don’t wear clothes that make you feel gross. Sitting for a long time definitely gives you that feeling of living in your own bubble of dirt and cold plane sweat. It took me a long time to realise that I should wear cotton on planes, it makes all the difference. Sweatpants, leggings = gross. Loose pants = yes." —simrani2

    7. And bring some multipurpose accessories:

    @smilesarelove / Via

    "Bring warm socks and a big scarf - socks come in handy on all flights since it gets cooler up there, and a folded scarf can work as a pillow or as a blanket." —Kristina Vitkova, Facebook

    8. Do exactly what you'd do at home:

    @cleberson22 / Via

    "Do everything you can to mimic your normal bedtime routine. Brush your teeth, wash your face, listen to soothing music, etc. An eyemask, earplugs, or decent headphones, and a comfy neck pillow can also do wonders!" —mofletudo

    9. And utilise the tools around you for a better sleep:

    @ sit2nap / Via

    "I found for sleep, I create a sort of sling from the blankets to keep my arms and neck in a set position. It generally works until I snore and someone knocks my head, waking me up." —misterjcampbell

    10. Stay awake the night before by packing:

    @benaverymusic / Via

    "Stay up packing all night; sleep like a baby on the flight." —harinis3

    11. Or try to book a red-eye flight:

    @paop8 / Via

    "Taking the red-eye flight is my number one choice. Try and wake up early on the morning of your flight and do as much as possible that day, so that your body and mind become tired. On most red-eyes they serve dinner as soon as the plane is high enough. So now you’re tired from your long day and your belly is full which is perfect for a nice long nap during your flight! :)" —ashyy07

    12. Drink a heap of water:

    @ka_tinkerbell / Via

    "Make sure you eat as much as you can and drink all the water you can possibly get your hands on! One of the biggest causes of severe jet lag is dehydration." —laras48ec464d4

    13. And avoid drinking alcohol at all costs:

    @taytippinsxoxo / Via

    "Avoid drinking alcohol. Try drinking something like water, juice, or even tea instead!" —Sara Coelho, Facebook

    14. Download games you can play on your phone:


    "Download tons of music, audiotapes, films, podcasts, and it doesn’t hurt to get a few puzzle games on your phone." —sarahannb3

    15. But still have technology-free entertainment alternatives:

    @gemmacreffield / Via

    "Bring a notebook and take some time to write down cool things you’ve always wanted to do for your next big adventure. I find writing little lists about fun stuff helps pass the time, and gives my eyes a break in-between watching movies and reading!" —lab95

    16. And if all else fails, just binge-watch a season of your favourite show to kill time:

    @amyz_world / Via

    "Download a ton of episodes from the TV show you're currently binging, so you can watch it all on your flight. You won't be doing anything different from what you'd be doing at home, so it'll make the time fly by!" —Ciara Folan, Facebook

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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