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16 Australians Who Slayed It On YouTube In 2015

Watch and learn.

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1. Natalie Tran

monkeykira / tumblr / Via

Channel: Community Channel

Following: 1,733,046

Why you should subscribe: Beyond being downright hilarious, Natalie Tran's videos offer a creative, self-deprecating perspective on society today, such as "If Your Dying Phone Were A Person". She's a regular at media conferences, earlier this year giving a talk at Brown University on the depictions of Asians in media.

2. Shae-Lee, Lana and Madison


Channel: SketchShe

Following: 727, 293

Why you should subscribe: 2015 has been quite a year for comedic trio SketchShe. In just 10 months of uploading videos to their YouTube channel, SketchShe has gained almost three-quarters of a million subscribers. Their focus has been to make people laugh and smile, and their videos have done just that, even landing them a spot on the Ellen Show earlier this year.

3. Danny & Michael Philippou


Channel: Therackaracka

Following: 2,045,439

Why you should subscribe: Self proclaimed “wannabe film-makers“ and twin brothers Danny and Michael fill their YouTube channel with short films aimed to make you laugh and possibly even cry (from confusion and fear). A horrifying replica Ronald McDonald is a recurring character in their videos, and they tend to get a little gruesome, but it’s all in good fun. At least two million people think so.

4. Charlee and Ashlee


Channel: CharlisCraftyKitchen

Following: 486,010

Why you should subscribe: Queensland-based sisters Charli, 8, and Ash, 5, are your new favourite food personalities. The duo make the most adorable kid-friendly recipes, but that's not to say they're not totally appealing to adults, too. Think watermelon marshmallow pops, Kit-Kat cake and Hello Kitty cupcakes.

5. Brittney Lee Saunders


Channel: beautybybrittneyx

Following: 610,162

Why you should subscribe: Shifting from beauty to more of a focus on lifestyle and comedy in 2015, Brittney has grown her following significantly this year. She now focuses on providing advice to her viewers, like her video on how to deal with fuck boys and her thoughts on self-confidence. Beyond her YouTube success, Brittney released a hair and skin care brand, recently moved to Sydney from Newcastle and even released her first single.

6. Troye Sivan


Channel: TroyeSivan18

Following: 3,697,522

Why you should subscribe: South African-born Aussie YouTuber Troye Sivan has had one hell of a year. Troye released his debut studio album, Blue Neighbourhood this year following the success of his EP TRXYE. He still uses his YouTube channel to regularly provide entertainment and advice to his fans, e.g. how to have safe sex.

7. Wendy Huang

salaofrp / tumblr

Channel: Wengie

Following: 763,173

Why you should subscribe: Wendy Huang is the top Asian beauty blogger in Australia. Of Australian-Chinese descent, Huang's tutorials combine lifestyle and culture from around Asia with popular Western products and techniques.

8. Jason Pinder


Channel: SimpleCookingChannel

Following: 1,014,045

Why you should subscribe: The appeal of Jason Pinders lies, as his YouTube name suggests, in the simplicity of his videos and recipes. It's fuss-free, family-friendly cooking with a homely appeal. His most popular creations include an M&M pinata cake and how to make fizzy bubblegum.

9. Lauren Curtis

steezusthegod / tumblr

Channel: Lauren Curtis

Following: 3,270,413

Why you should subscribe: Lauren Curtis is Australia's top beauty blogger, and her tutorials are extremely comprehensive and playful, such as colourful ombre eyeshadow. Recently however her videos have verged into life advice territory too. She was also one of the vlogger's chosen to represent Australia at this year's YouTube fan fest.

10. John Luc


Channel: mychonny

Following: 979, 674

Why you should subscribe: As a Vietnamese-Chinese comedic YouTuber, John has found his market in creating videos that make people smile. The videos that John uploads poke fun at his own life and his family. The only difference is, for the most part, he plays all the characters. Beyond his YouTube stardom, John has performed in live comedy shows, and has even landed a role in the Aussie feature film, Sucker.

11. Cartia Mallan

Channel: CartiaMallan

Following: 210,483

Why you should subscribe: Brisbane-based vlogger Cartia Mallan is only 16, but her lifestyle vlogs have earned her almost a quarter of a million followers since starting in only 2014. Her tone is authentic yet fun, posting about everything from eyebrow maintenance to confidence tips for summer.

12. Nikki Perkins


Channel: Reslim

Following: 358, 643

Why you should subscribe: Born in Sudan, Nikki Perkins immigrated to Australia when she was a just child. Today, she vlogs with her husband Jamie, and has settled down in Melbourne. Their vlogs explore everything from first time pregnancy to life as a bi-racial couple. Nikki also has a second channel where she focuses on beauty videos, specifically for people of colour.

13. Ozzy Man


Channel: ozzymanreviews

Following: 119,510

Why you should subscribe: If you love funny clips of current events, and the laid back approach of an Australian male commentating something you'll love Ozzy Man Reviews. His Facebook page has more than double his YouTube following and features his shorter clips whereas his YouTube has the longer clips that are just as funny.

14. Shani Grimmond


Channel: itsshanigrimmond

Following: 514,999

Why you should subscribe: Along with her beauty videos, Shani Grimmond is all about offering honest advice to her followers. Following a recent break-in to her house, she stressed the importance of privacy and safety to her viewers. Beyond YouTube, Shani uses her Tumblr page to answer fan questions daily.

15. Jacko Brazier


Channel: jackobrazier

Following: 45,581

Why you should subscribe: Jacko Brazier made a name for himself on Vine, but he has now expanded his repertoire to include YouTube videos, too (no doubt girlfriend and fellow vlogger Britney Lee Saunders has lent a helping hand). He lends his fun-loving persona to everything from impersonations to openly discussing his biggest fears.

16. Theo Saidden


Channel: superwog1

Following: 487,046

Why you should subscribe: Superwog is known for his "Wogs vs. Aussies" style videos, where he pokes fun at the stereotypes that exist in the two cultures. With almost half a million subscribers, superwog has even collaborated with people like mychonny in videos, and in stage shows around Australia.

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