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The Definitive Ranking Of Aussie Ice Creams And Ice Blocks

This is obviously 100% accurate. (But if you disagree, you can re-rank it!)

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20. Lemonade Icy Twist


There is nothing more perfect than lemonade as a flavour for an ice block. Plus Icy Twist’s do this amazing thing where they don’t break your teeth when you bite in. Absolutely magical.

18. Banana Paddle Pop

Banana Paddle Pop’s are the ice cream that divide the nation. You either love that bright yellow block of dairy confectionary or you just can’t stand it. So we're sticking them right in the middle.


14. Frosty Fruit

Frosty Fruits are the kind of frozen treat you grab yourself when you’re trying to be ~good~ while also being ~bad~. That may be because the pack reads “real fruit juice”, so that means they're a totally healthy treat. Yep.


12. Sunny Boys

Sunny Boys just scream your childhood. Whether you’re chomping down on an orange explosion, razz raspberry or glug cola, they always go down a treat. Don’t think you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy one.


9. Magnum Classic

Sometimes you just shouldn’t mess with the classics. Nothing is better than simple, ~quality~ vanilla ice cream dipped in milk chocolate. Well actually, fancy plastic packaging that makes more noise than the rest might make it just that little bit better.

8. Calippo Lemon

Calippos are the greatest ice block to eat at the beach. The fact that they are wrapped up in their own packaging means sand blowing your way won’t be an issue. However, you don’t want to gnaw on them for too long because you’ll end up with a whole bunch of cardboard in your mouth.


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