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    The Definitive Ranking Of Aussie Ice Creams And Ice Blocks

    This is obviously 100% accurate. (But if you disagree, you can re-rank it!)

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    32. Milo Scoop Shake

    If someone hands you a Milo Scoop Shake you'd take it, but you don't exactly jump to pick one out of the servo freezer.

    31. Super Choc Drumstick

    Ice cream and waffle cones are already so sweet, why would you amp that up further with chocolate? Make that SUPER choc!?!

    30. Triple Swirl Billabong

    This is basically just trying to be aRainbow Paddle Pop... and failing.

    29. Chocolate Billabong

    I mean it's fine. Fine.

    28. Caramel Maxibon

    You just really shouldn’t mess with the things that aren’t broken. Just can't beat the original.

    27. Chocolate Paddle Pop

    Chocolate Paddle Pops do the job. They’re what they say they are. Chocolate ice cream on a stick.

    26. Vanilla Drumstick

    You wouldn't say no if one came your way, but you'd also definitely chose a Cornetto if that was on offer instead.

    25. Lifesavers Stick

    Not the BEST, but certainly not the worst. The fact that they layer up flavours like a Babushka doll has to give it some brownie points.

    24. Cornetto Supreme Chocolate

    Sorry Cornetto but your classic is actually supreme here.

    23. Macadamia Mango Weis Bar

    Absolutely delicious, but the nuts on top of that ice cream can be a bit much.

    22. Raspberry Icy Pole

    The raspberry flavour Icy Pole isn’t as good as lemonade, but it's still good. The only negative is the stains you get from them INSTANT MELTING.

    21. Cyclone

    Have you ever really looked at a Cyclone? Have you ever really appreciated the engineering that goes into making something of such beauty? Hey, they don’t taste too bad either.

    20. Lemonade Icy Twist


    There is nothing more perfect than lemonade as a flavour for an ice block. Plus Icy Twist’s do this amazing thing where they don’t break your teeth when you bite in. Absolutely magical.

    19. Hava Heart

    You don't get much cuter than an ice cream love heart on a stick. Until you dip it in chocolate, of course.

    18. Banana Paddle Pop

    Banana Paddle Pop’s are the ice cream that divide the nation. You either love that bright yellow block of dairy confectionary or you just can’t stand it. So we're sticking them right in the middle.

    17. Fruito Weis Bar

    The mango improves on the original, but this is still pretty brilliant - especially if you love tropical flavours.

    16. Monaco Bar

    Everyone loves an ice cream sandwich. What’s not to love? OK so it’s no Maxibon, but Monacos rank up there with the best of them.

    15. Magnum Almond

    Magnums are great. Quality ice cream. Quality chocolate. Quality nuts. Just quality.

    14. Frosty Fruit

    Frosty Fruits are the kind of frozen treat you grab yourself when you’re trying to be ~good~ while also being ~bad~. That may be because the pack reads “real fruit juice”, so that means they're a totally healthy treat. Yep.

    13. Magnum Ego

    Caramel makes almost everything better, but it can be a little bit intense sometimes.

    12. Sunny Boys

    Sunny Boys just scream your childhood. Whether you’re chomping down on an orange explosion, razz raspberry or glug cola, they always go down a treat. Don’t think you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy one.

    11. Lemonade Icy Pole

    Nothing fancy about this treat. Simplicity is key when it comes to Icy Poles. There's few things more refreshing on a hot day.

    10. Maxibon

    The only thing that can make an ice cream sandwich better is to dip it in chocolate and nuts. This is next level to a Monaco bar.

    9. Magnum Classic

    Sometimes you just shouldn’t mess with the classics. Nothing is better than simple, ~quality~ vanilla ice cream dipped in milk chocolate. Well actually, fancy plastic packaging that makes more noise than the rest might make it just that little bit better.

    8. Calippo Lemon

    Calippos are the greatest ice block to eat at the beach. The fact that they are wrapped up in their own packaging means sand blowing your way won’t be an issue. However, you don’t want to gnaw on them for too long because you’ll end up with a whole bunch of cardboard in your mouth.

    7. Cornetto Classic

    The classic Cornetto is the greatest of all ice cream cones that you can buy pre-packaged. It has the choc bottom and the choc top, and is just all-round amazing.

    6. Mango Weis Bar

    Half mango, half ice cream - what more can you want? Bite one side at a time or eat them together. Either way you’re in for a delicious time.

    5. Splice

    They’re the perfect mix between an ice cream and an ice block. They have that satisfying creamy taste while still having that refreshing feel so you just don’t feel as guilty after one… or five.

    4. Zooper Doopers

    Zooper Doopers is Australian for "summer". The only negative these bad boys have is the fact they can really cut the shit out of your mouth if you’re not careful.

    3. Rainbow Paddle Pop

    It’s such a simple concept but such a classic treat. Paddle Pops are all pretty amazing, but the rainbow flavour is the absolute best.

    2. Bubble O’ Bill

    It’s Un-Australian to not enjoy a cheeky Bubble O’ Bill. It’s like a Neapolitan scoop of ice cream laid on top of a sheet of chocolate. Plus you get a free gumball. Perfection.

    1. Golden Gaytime


    The king of the frozen Aussie treats: Gaytimes have it all. A delicious soft centre and a crunchy outside... plus like they say, it’s hard to have a Gaytime on your own.

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