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37 Things That Make All Australian People Mutter “Oh, Get Fucked”

Nah mate, you can fuck right off out of here with that shit.

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1. This country-wide abomination.

2. The price of this fucking cheese toastie.

Gyan Yankovich / BuzzFeed

3. This fucking joke.

4. This even bigger joke.

5. This, the biggest joke of all.

6. The going price for some fucking crushed tomatoes.

7. This poor excuse for a "salad".

8. And this dip-smear abomination.

9. This $6 "serving" of chips.

10. This meal served in a fucking shovel.

11. People lining up for shit like an In-N-Out pop up.

12. Or for some fucking ice-cream.

13. This great saving of a whopping 30c.

14. Or even better this great steal.

15. And the greatest steal of them all.

Ray White / Domain / Michelle Rennex for BuzzFeed / Via

16. Whatever the fuck this is meant to be.

17. And whatever the fuck this is meant to be.

Alana Dimou / Via

18. This highly unnecessary combination of things. / Via Nine Network

19. And this highly unnecessary combination of things.

20. Shit, even this unnecessary combination of things.

21. This grubby AF behaviour.

22. The sight of this on a hot day.

23. Even worse, the sight of this on a hot day.

24. When the weather decides to do this.

25. Or when the weather does this.

26. When this happens in summer.

27. And when this shit happens all year round.

28. This stupid and terrible decision.

29. And this one.

30. This fucking absolutely ridiculous ask.

31. This sorry attempt at an April Fool's joke.

John West Australia / Via Twitter: @hemmingsbxbyx

32. This surely not believable news headline.

33. And this one.

34. And this one.

35. This really fucking strange way to show your patriotism.

36. This cringe attempt at humour.

37. And this fucking joke that still happens despite it being 2016.