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Beyoncés Formation World Tour Isn’t Coming To Australia And We’re Mad

Australia... apparently not a part of the world.

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Beyoncé just slayed the Super Bowl halftime show, and also decided to casually announce The Formation World Tour.

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The Formation World Tour, is much less of a world tour and more of a US, Canada and UK tour.


Queen Bey will be performing 37 shows at these locations with no dates for Australia or Asia being released yet.

Australians noticed that Beyoncé isn't making the trek down under, and they're pissed.

Hi @Beyonce I just looked it up and Australia is in fact part of the "world". Please kindly update your tour dates. Thanks.

when u google 'beyonce tour australia' & remember u are still on ticketek waiting list for the bey & jay tour that never came

What a cunt Beyoncé is not even coming to Australia. I'm taking it as a personal attack

when beyonce goes on tour (: and you live in australia (: (: (:

"beyoncé world tour atm does not include australia"

Apparently, this is now the world according to Beyoncé.


Fingers crossed that the Queen graces us with her presence this year. 🙏🙏