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    Posted on 19 Sep 2016

    23 Of The Most Fucked-Up Things People Have Done On "Rollercoaster Tycoon"

    "Your dick is really good value."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the most fucked-up things they did while playing Rollercoaster Tycoon. Here are the twisted results.

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    1. The most entertaining entertainment:

    "I deeply detested the entertainer's costumes, and subsequently the entertainers themselves. So once a month at the centre of the food court, I would hold an event where I allowed the guests to watch as I drowned an entertainer." —Dann Reed, Facebook

    2. The eternal struggle:

    "If a guest was complaining about my amazing park, I would make a little square box with decorative walls and drop him in there until he had to pee really bad, then I would drop him in the lake and let him struggle. Then, just before he drowned, I would put him back in the box." —ceraelizabeths

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    3. The vomit square:

    "I would make one square foot of sidewalk and drop my nauseous guests on it when they were throwing up too much in my park. Then they would be forced to vomit all over each other. Then I would drown them." —Paige Gurski, Facebook

    4. The stern boss:

    "I would drown janitors if they walked by trash and didn't clean it up." —Alextribeca

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    5. The obnoxious experience:

    "I would charge people to go to the bathroom. I would name the rides really obnoxious names so guests should say things like 'Tits McGee was really good value!' And I once built an island that had only boring rides and put all of the angry guests there. I called it 'Happy Island.'" —emkuker

    6. The bathroom trip:

    "I made sure every restroom had a maze in front of it. Each and every one..." —laurak45d2736e2

    7. The janitorial pit:

    "Once I reached the point where I didn't really need to worry about funds, if I ever received comments about the park not being clean enough, I would take it as a sign that my current janitors were lazy, insubordinate employees. All janitors who had been working at this point would be relocated to a pit in the corner of the park. An entirely new janitorial staff would then be hired, with those who had failed me spending the rest of their days pondering their mistakes." —Dann Reed, Facebook

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    8. The not-so-tall tower:

    "My favourite thing to do was build a tower ride just a few feet tall, and then make it shoot off at 100 mph. The guest would fly off the track into the air and then crash to the ground." —Jonathan Davidson, Facebook

    9. The bugs life:

    "More than just occasionally, I would build the biggest, baddest rollercoaster with the biggest, baddest capacity, and load it to the brim with my specimens. Then I would delete my masterpiece, watching all of them fall helplessly into the water, like precious little ants." —guzzledworms

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    10. The perfect plan:

    "I built a huge rollercoaster that would launch the people into my rival's park, increasing their death rate. People didn't want to go to that park because so many people were dying, so they would come over to mine, and go and die in my rival's park." —juliea428be4842

    11. The colourful death:

    "I built little cells and sorted people by age, and the colour they were wearing, then I'd put them on a death-trap coaster that matched the colour of their outfit." —Abbyiam

    12. The stairway to heaven:

    "Once when I was very angry at my dad, I logged onto his prized park that he'd worked on forever, and sold all of his rides and everything he owned and used the money to build a massive staircase into the sky. Then I deleted the bottom stair so there was no way off, and put every single one of his guests on the stairway. His ratings plummeted and he lost all of his hard work. I still feel guilty to this day!" —nicolea4b7195ea1

    @cr1tikal / Via

    13. The sibling torture:

    "As an adolescent, I would pause the game, move all my park mascots over water, and then un-pause the game in order to drown them all simultaneously and make my younger brother cry." —amyg46

    14. The corner of death:

    "My brother and I used to fence in one person in the far corner of the park and wait for them to die. If they weren't dying quick enough, we would replace the ground with water and watch them drown. When they died we would pick another random guest and repeat the process." —Cara Nordengren, Facebook

    @johnnakken / Via

    15. The path to nothingness:

    "I built one square of underground pathway, forced guests into it, and closed off the entrance so there was no way out. Then I deleted the path and watched them fall into nothingness." —Brian J Mange, Facebook

    16. The virtual reality:

    "I told my brother that if he locked himself in a dark room and chanted for a few minutes, he would be transported into the game. I named one of the little people after him and we watched him walk around for a little bit. At the time, real-life KC was really afraid of roller coasters so when he annoyed me I made electronic KC ride the scariest ones until he got sick. Real KC thought that meant he was going to be sick too." —averymmartin94

    17. The perfect trap:

    "I would trap some of my guests where they have free unlimited food and drinks but it cost $500 to use the bathrooms." —Tait McGavock Welsh, Facebook

    18. The virtual Hunger Games:

    "I created the 'trials' where I got my guest population to 300 people, and then blocked the park exit. I made a path to the 'trials' where guests had to go through a series of extreme rides to win their freedom. The last ride was always the most extreme, usually a rollercoaster that shot guests as high as possible and spiralled them as low as the game allowed. Those that refused to participate were thrown into a lake publicly visible to the other 'champions' to ensure cooperation." —c4142bccbb

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    19. The priceless park experience:

    "Before guests entered my park, I would see which ones had the most money and then increased the park entrance fee with their exact total. Once they were in my park, they didn't have enough money to spend on anything." —glenncocophilippeb

    20. The Chad island:

    "I would seclude sick ones on an island with the angry guest and have no bathrooms/food stands/drink stands. I would let the sick ones off the island once they were better. The angry ones stayed and usually died of hunger/dehydration. I named them after people that had annoyed me that day… lots of Jakes, Chads, Ashleys, and Jessicas." —sarahd418adb6a0

    @caseyhawke / Via

    21. The explosive end:

    "Once I made an entire park (named Horror Land) where each ride dead-ended so the rollercoasters flew off at the end. For each ride, I put a death-trap where the coasters would land. One ride went into a pit of spikes, one went into a lake, and one went into a pool where many park-goers were swimming. But my favourite ride of all was a coaster that shot straight up into the air, and landed in a volcano." —millichaulknaut

    22. The moving tribute:

    "I once dropped an elephant mascot character in the lake just to see what it looked like and then promptly forgot about him. When I got the notification that he drowned I was so upset, but I had progressed in a way that I didn't want to reset. I built a fountain in his honour." —Jackie C

    23. The not-so-beautiful soul:

    "My friend and I named every person in the park 'Jesse McCartney' and then dropped them one by one off the waterfall. Why did we dislike him so much? He had some cool jams!" —emilyb41976396d

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    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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