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23 Wholesome Things That Happened In 2017 That Made You Quietly Scream "AWWWW"

If you think most of these are going to be animals, well, damn. You're right.

1. This long-awaited meeting:

so last summer i randomly met this 80 y/o woman on words with friends. we played 300+ games together and she actual… https://t.co/iLwCg2JEn4

2. And this denim-clad trio:

Our principal told these two boys that their jeans was nice so they went back to the mall and got him a pair too...

3. This very thankful cold pup:

I heated up my small hot water bottle for Charlie cause he’s been shivering all night and he’s so happy I want to c… https://t.co/DKyNzXtHRO

4. And this one with her new obsession:

ok I gave my dog a red solo cup and I've never laughed harder in my life she loves it

5. This class act:

my sister is about to have a baby and my brother showed up to the hospital in a suit because "first impressions mat… https://t.co/zWzJZPrWBs

6. And this extremely polite exchange:

7. This adventurous explorer:

Came up to me while I was pumping gas. Dew just likes to adventure

8. This encouraging passenger:

Some baby on this plane is singing the ABCs all out of order and a guy just shouted "yes girl remix!!"

9. This dog and his new bed:

so my mom accidentally ordered an xs dog bed but he's still grateful..

10. And these super-protective geese:

It's all too easy for hedgehogs to come a cropper on the roads. Luckily, this one has some helpful goose friends to… https://t.co/N7yrDQvlvG

11. This collection of meals no one would actually be game to eat:

As requested: 2017 Kindergarten Thanksgiving Cookbook enjoy

12. And this unexpected mobile bar:

A full bottle of wine just rolled out from under a subway seat and now these 2 strangers popped it open & are drink… https://t.co/H6lH2x47Vr

13. This demonstration of real love:

My man just FaceTimed me drunk as hell eating a slice of pizza while walking down the street and he goes YOU WANNA… https://t.co/ehU9wU125A

14. And this perfectly in-sync love:

I got Kiwi a lil goth gf 🖤💛💚

15. This ultimate birthday turn-up:


16. This unexpected customer:

asos delivery man let my dog sign for my parcel by pressing the wee machine against his nose

17. This slide-obsessed puppy:

I took my son to the fair and he had fun

18. And this hamster-loving driver:

19. This true sushi artist:

My uncle went to Japan and a man liked him so much he made him out of sushi

20. And this really hip grandma:

My grandma is in Mexico taking shots with random girls on the beach and posting pics of it with captions like they'… https://t.co/lbI4q1n6gH

21. This successful plea:

My little sister made a “wall of sorrow” to make my dad feel bad so she could get a cat.. well it worked

22. This exciting acceptance:

All the hard work was worth it. I got accepted to Harvard at 16!! 😭😭😭 #Harvard #Harvard2022

23. And this extremely happy cook:

My grandma literally got me through college, she was my number 1 support system, glad I could bring her some joy. A… https://t.co/rSnLnGmejJ

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