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23 Things Retail Staff Secretly Want Customers To Know

Walk a mile in my 12-hour double-shift shoes.

1. We can't change the prices no matter how much you ask.

2. We deal with hundreds of people a day, so your flirting also won't change the price.

3. We know that the "consumer law" threat is very rarely a valid argument.

4. We also understand that you may want a refund, but it doesn't always mean you are "entitled" to one.

5. We are tired of hearing the "I shop somewhere else" threat.

6. We have staff restrooms for staff; there are public restrooms just outside the store.

7. We may price match, but that doesn't mean we can discount everything.

8. We also don't have an unlimited staff discount to give to everyone.

9. We do try our hardest to get around to serving everyone.

10. We've heard the "if it doesn't scan it must be free" joke about 73 times today.

11. We would prefer you to ask us for help with a size than rummage through all the piles.

12. We wish you would just directly give us the things you don't want rather than place them anywhere in store.

13. We hate when you come in at 8:55pm when we close at 9:00pm.

14. We have targets to meet, so it would be amazing if you let us know whether you have an intention to buy.

15. We don't know every single item in store by heart.

16. We can't value your expired coupons or old catalogues.

17. We know you hate being asked if you need help, but it is literally our job.

18. We don't control stock.

19. We can't just give you the floor stock or the item that another customer has on hold.

20. We don't control what's in the catalogue.

21. We also don't control whether what is in the catalogue is in stock.

22. We are trying to sell to you, so when we say we don't have stock we aren't lying.

23. Above all, we are humans too.